As you near the end of your undergraduate studies, you will have to submit an application for your degree to be awarded. The application lets us know that you intend to complete your degree requirements within the next two semesters, and prompts the Culverhouse Registrar to audit your academic records to ensure that you will meet all of those requirements.

The application should be submitted at least a semester ahead of your intended graduation date.

Application for Graduation Deadlines

The application is located on the Student tab in MyBama. Be sure to follow the directions on the application—most importantly, make sure your curriculum is correct and complete. If you are pursuing a minor, a specialization, or a second major, make sure it appears on the application! If not, then it will not appear on your transcript, even if you complete the required courses.

When your application is processed, you will receive an email from the Office of the University Registrar. If there are any problems (for example, if you are missing a course), the Culverhouse Registrar will also contact you directly.

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