Experiential Learning at Culverhouse

The goal of our experiential learning efforts is to build a community and culture that supports a complete spectrum of hands-on education, with highly visible and positive results for Culverhouse students, faculty and staff, the University of Alabama campus, and external partners.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is an internship at a local business. A course assignment created by educators and industry partners based on a real-world challenge. An opportunity to see how business and culture come together here in Tuscaloosa and abroad. A simulation game that gives you real-time feedback as you make decisions. A service learning experience that allows you to apply what you learn at UA in a manner that makes a positive impact on our community. A capstone experience that uses project-based learning to preview what employment will look like once you graduate.

Clearly, experiential learning takes many different forms, but the common thread is that it complements the classroom, improving students’ abilities to critically analyze and evaluate the relationship between academic knowledge and real-world contexts.

Why Experiential Learning?

The Culverhouse College of Business provides a premier collegiate experience that develops impactful leaders ready to operate in our global society. Our high-quality experiential learning opportunities motivate and excite our students to practice the critical thinking skills they have learned and demonstrate what they can do.

For partnering institutions, collaborating with us to provide a specific context where students can apply themselves – via a scenario, project, or internship – offers a way to support innovative education. It also provides exposure to our students for those interested in creating a talent and recruiting pipeline.

What We Do

Whether you are looking to create a new class (or evolve something that already exists), identify and engage a corporate or community partner, access online and other resources to guide your work, share success stories, or simply connect with others who are passionate about experiential education, connect with Quoc Hoang, director of experiential learning, at QHoang@culverhouse.ua.edu or 205-348-0560.