The Culverhouse College of Business is proud to announce UA BUsiness LEAD! UA Business LEAD is your gateway to Leadership Exploration And Development

Level up professionally with Business LEAD:

  • Get career ready and earn special access to key business employers at the career fair by earning the “Prepare for the Fair” Badge.
  • Develop the professional competencies employers look for when they hire.
  •  Learn more about job and internship resources at the Career Center.

Get started with 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the UA Business LEAD app (called Suitable) on iOS or Android
  2. Register using your “” email address (if your email is, you MUST use
  3. Find your programs and badges at

What is a competency?

Competency – the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Culverhouse Core Competencies

Career and Professional DevelopmentCommunication SkillsCritical Thinking and Problem SolvingDigital TechnologyUA Business Engagement
Global and Cultural EngagementPersonal Financial LiteracySelf-Awareness and LeadershipTeamwork and Collaboration



  • Employer surveys show that competency development is equally as important as a student’s GPA in the hiring process.
  • Showcase your professional development in nine competency areas by completing activities.
  • Earn points for attending UA Business Lead activities to compete on the Leaderboard! Giveaways awarded to students earning the most points.
  • Earn badges for completing a set of activities. Badge completion incentives include early career fair access, UA Business LEAD career fair name tag designation, and more!


UA Business LEAD Overview Video

UA Business LEAD Achievement and Activities Video

Engage today and level up your professional profile!

See the Career Center help desk at 149BD or call 205-348-2691 for assistance.