Get Career Ready by Engaging in
LEAD Professional Development and Coaching

UA Business LEAD is a required professional development program in the Culverhouse College of Business that is strategically designed to engage students in professional development and professional wellness topics for career readiness and success. 


Employer surveys show competency development is equally important to your GPA in the hiring process.

Through LEAD, you will enrich your skillset and build competencies in career skills that companies value. You will also have access to an e-portfolio to showcase your professional development involvement!

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Focused Competencies

LEAD advocates for professional development through its holistic, competency-based program design where students engage in both academic and co-curricular activities to further their personal and professional development. 

Tristan Landers
"As a freshman, you're setting your path for the next four years and starting to become who you will be the rest of your life. You want this to be the best version of yourself possible." - LEAD AMBASSADOR
Isaiah Amantine
"My personal health and wellness are critical when developing myself fully in the business world. If my mind and body are not working together, I am limited to what I can do. When they are working in one accord, there is unlimited potential as to what I can achieve."

Jamison Bowen
"College can be a difficult adjustment, both personally and professionally. Creating a healthy environment for yourself both socially and academically is a big part of the start to your college years."

Xavier Bentley
"Being a LEAD Ambassador has been a truly transformative experience for me. It has not only enhanced my leadership and communication skills but has also provided me with invaluable insights into community engagement and service. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a LEAD Ambassador has been the people I've met along the way."

Matt Flenniken
"LEAD has truly been a transformative experience for me. It's given me priceless leadership abilities and a deep grasp of effective collaboration. Beyond academics, it's ignited a genuine enthusiasm in me for personal and professional development and helped me realize the importance of implementing it into my everyday life."

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Earn your points

All business students must satisfy the Culverhouse College of Business professional development program, UA Business LEAD, in order to stay eligible for enrollment in the College. Students must earn 250 UA Business LEAD points in Suitable each academic year, by the end of each spring semester. To earn points and complete the program, students are required to take the courses (GBA 146, GBA 246, GBA 346) in the professional development sequence. It is recommended that students take one professional development course per academic year, which will typically be GBA 146 (freshmen), GBA 246 (sophomores), and GBA 346 (juniors). In these courses, students can earn up to 200 LEAD points toward their annual 250 LEAD point requirement. Seniors can earn their required LEAD points through high impact experiences such as internships and study abroad as well as attending executive style training sessions offered through the LEAD program.

  • Required Professional Development Courses (one-credit hour each)
    • GBA 146: Exploring Your Path
    • GBA 246: Choosing Your Path
    • GBA 346: Pursuing Your Path

Additional Ways to Engage:

    • LEAD Programs and Coaching Sessions
    • Capstone Experiences
    • Internships
    • Study Abroad
    • Co-ops
    • Professional Practice
      • Service Learning
  • Speaker Series
  • Business Analytics Symposium
  • International Business Symposium
  • Lowder Lecture Series

LEAD Events

LEADwell was designed to assist our student population in professional development through personal development and wellness. LEADwell offers several personal and professional wellness opportunities each semester. These opportunities include panel discussions, forums, workshops, wellness activities, and more.

Find LeadWell opportunities in Handshake and Suitable.


Lead Coaching

LEAD Coaching Sessions feature executive-style training with professional development coaches where students practice skills with an industry expert.

Find LeadCoaching opportunities in Handshake and Suitable.

Keith Norton

Clinical Instructor and Professional Development LEAD Coach knorton@culverhouse.ua.edu
(205) 348-8795
215 Bidgood Hall

Lauren Wilson

Clinical Instructor and Professional Development LEAD Coach lwwilson@culverhouse.ua.edu
215 Bidgood Hall


Dr. D.T. Barksdale

Assistant Director, Professional Development and Engagement