Culverhouse awards scholarships every year to students of outstanding merit.


When selecting scholarship recipients, Culverhouse committees use the campus-wide scholarship application, which is available below. Once an application is submitted, it cannot be viewed again. Please make sure to write down any information you need before submitting.

Freshmen entering The University of Alabama

Apply for scholarships here

Students transferring to The University of Alabama

Apply for scholarships here

Currently enrolled students

Log in to MyBama and click the Scholarships/Admissions tab on the left side.

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You must complete the undergraduate scholarship application by the due date to receive any type of award.


The priority deadline for scholarship applications from high school seniors is January 15. The priority deadline for continuing students and all new transfer students is March 1. Unless otherwise noted, Culverhouse scholarships are specific to the school. For this and other reasons, they are awarded as they become available in the spring for the following academic year.

January 15th

For high school seniors

March 1st

For all continuing students and all new transfer students

Factors affecting your application include but are not limited to:

GPA/Test Scores
Major/Career Interests
Location of Permanent Residence
High School
Leadership Experience/Extracurricular Involvement
First-Generation College Students
Diversity on Campus
Physical Disability/Ability to Overcome Physical Challenges

Thank You Notes

Fill out your Scholarship thank you note here

Frequently Asked Questions

How are recipients notified?

All award letters are sent to student’s crimson email account and will contain instructions on how to accept the awards.

When will recipients be notified?

Recipients are notified between March and April of each year.

What is the typical amount of an award?

Award amounts vary based on the scholarship in question. Typical awards range from $500 a semester to $1500 a semester.

What GPA do I have to have to keep my scholarship?

Your UA GPA must meet the minimum qualifications set forth in the individual scholarship; traditionally that GPA requirement is a 3.0.

What happens if I do not meet the GPA requirement?

You will be on probation which requires a semester GPA of 3.0. If you are unable to meet that requirement you will lose the scholarship, but are eligible to reapply the following year if grades improve.

What should I include in my application?

Please be thorough when filling out your application. Set aside at least 30 minutes to complete it. List any achievements or interest that you believe help set you apart from the other applications. When in doubt add more information not less. If you have declared a specialization, please indicate in the last question on the scholarship application under ‘Extenuating Circumstances.’


Lottie Pearce
Scholarship and Stewardship Coordinator
456 Alston Hall
Box 870223