Transfer Students

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  1. Before you apply, speak with a transfer representative in admissions to discuss transfer work and major options.
  2. Apply to The University of Alabama.
  3. Send in your official transcripts.
  4. Register for Bama Bound, UA’s new student orientation.
  5. Once you have registered for Bama Bound, you will receive email communication from a Culverhouse representative.
  6. Check for and respond to communication from UA and Culverhouse.
  7. Send in your final transcript, once available.

A current UA student who wants to transfer credits from another institution should follow this process:

  1. Meet with an academic advisor to discuss transfer credit options.
  2. Check out the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables on the Registrar’s website. These tables show how courses from another institution will transfer to UA. If a course is not on the table, you can request an evaluation by contacting an advisor for assistance or by visiting 10 Bidgood Hall during Drop-In hours. 
  3. Apply to the institution where you intend to take courses. There is often a designated transient or visiting student admissions application for students who are temporarily enrolling at another school.
  4. Log in to myBama to generate a Letter of Transiency on the Student tab. This is an agreement between you and the University, giving permission for the course to transfer. The letter can easily be sent to your Crimson email. Save the letter in your email and provide a copy to the other institution, if requested.
  5. Register for and complete the courses at the other institution.
  6. When your final grades are posted and finalized, you are required to request to have an official copy of your transcript from the other institution sent to UA.
  • Some equivalents require two or more courses that must be transferred together to count as one UA course. (Example: AC Part I and AC Part II TOGETHER equal AC 210). Pay attention to this grouping on the transfer equivalency tables
  • If an equivalent on the tables is listed as 197 or 397, it means there is no equivalent at UA and the course will transfer as an elective only. If you have a syllabus for the course, you may request a re-evaluation by contacting an advisor or by visiting 10 Bidgood Hall for Drop-In hours.
  • GBA 246, 300, 346, and GBA 490 cannot be taken at another institution.
  • Only 6 hours of major courses can be transferred from another institution.
  • No Accounting, Operations Management or Management Information Systems (MIS) major courses can be transferred from another institution.