Culverhouse First-Generation Student Experience

The University of Alabama has received national recognition for first-generation student success, and Culverhouse College of Business is proud to stand alongside the University in supporting and celebrating our first-gen students.

Your story is your superpower.

our Stories

Come stand on my shoulders

From rural poverty to leadership track at a top consulting firm.

Creating a Legacy

Accountant or children’s book author? Why choose?

In the Loop in Chicago

 “Now I find myself wanting a real seat on the board.”

your story starts here.

Find Your Place.

The Spot is where you and other first-gen students can study or just hang out. Find out how to get there.

Crush your Academic goals.

You came to college to kill it, right? Great. But everyone occasionally needs a little help. Here's how we come alongside.

Meet your squad.

You need a community, and your community needs you. Learn about opportunities to connect with other first-gen students.

Own Your Future Career.

We care as much about your future career as you do. That's why we offer the support to help you land your dream job.

Expand Your World.

Don't think you can afford to travel? Think again. We work to make sure everyone has access to our educational travel experiences.

Apply for Financial Support.

At Culverhouse, we put our money where our mouth is. Tell us how we can help you achieve your goals.

We are a community of faculty and staff within the Culverhouse College of Business committed to supporting the academic and social transition of first-generation students majoring in business. We provide support, resources, and programs for first-generation students as they pursue their undergraduate education.