Student-oriented Business Organizations

Culverhouse recognizes that a student’s ambition often exceeds the ability that the classroom contains. The Culverhouse student body has access to a very broad offering of transcurricular programs and organizations that promote networking among students and working professionals.

These organizations derive their relevance to students from their close affiliation with Culverhouse academic programs. All organizations are administered by The Source, UA’s place for campus involvement and engagement.

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Accounting Student Association

The Accounting Student Association is an organization for freshmen and sophomore accounting majors to come together to network and learn more about the major/department as well as how to prepare for the recruiting process. Junior and Senior accounting majors who are still searching for internships or full-time positions are also welcome! If you’re interested in joining, please complete this registration form.

Advisor: Sydney Simmons 205-348-4370

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

The purpose of the UA ACFE is to provide students with an educational and social organization that promotes anti-fraud knowledge and provides students with opportunities to develop education, research, leadership, and networking skills in the field of fraud examination.

Advisor: Todd DeZoort 205-348-6694

Alpha Kappa Psi

Nationally established in 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest national coeducational professional business fraternity. Originally established at UA in 1924, it was rechartered by a national effort in 1997. AKPsi members sponsor career-building seminars, which allow networking with business leaders. Membership is for business majors with a minimum 2.75 GPA.

Business Honors Program

Up to Thirty-five (35) Culverhouse College of Business juniors may be chosen from students who apply to participate in two years of business honors seminars. Those who complete the two-year program will earn Honors College credits for selected Culverhouse classes and graduate with Business Honors recognition.

Advisor: David Heggem 205-348-4537

Culverhouse Ambassadors

The students in this group are selected to serve as ambassadors for the College. Commerce Associates represent the student body at functions such as the Alabama Business Hall of Fame induction, Board of Visitors meetings, and alumni events.

Advisor: Emma Bliss 205-348-3771

Alabama Finance Association (AFA)

The AFA promotes interaction of the academic and business worlds by bringing speakers to campus from around the country. Participation in the association helps students develop leadership skills, in addition to providing them opportunities to exchange ideas with leaders of the financial community. Any student interested in finance may join.

Advisor: Victoria Javine  205-348-8959

Alabama Insurance Society (AIS)

This organization carries forward a series of projects each year designed to bring its student members into close contact with the problems of the insurance world and to give them an opportunity to meet leading insurance people around the world. By participating in the society’s seminars, convocations, and colloquia, students have an opportunity to learn how to manage activities since the full responsibility for the success of each program rests with students. Members of the Alabama Finance Association are eligible to join.

Advisor: William Rabel 205-348-7842

Alabama Management Society (AMS)

The Management program sponsors the AMS, and membership is open to all business students. Meetings are held every Monday during the fall and spring terms.

Advisor: Jeff Naidoo 205-348-5869

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The Marketing program sponsors this chapter for students interested in general marketing management, advertising, marketing research, professional salesmanship, retail management, and international marketing. The AMA furthers the professional development of its members and promotes a closer relationship between members and marketing practitioners. Any student interested in marketing may join.

Alabama Collegiate Chapter Advisor: Joyce Meyer 205-348-9436

Alabama Information Management Society

This organization promotes the interests of persons involved in Business Data Processing. The student chapter engages in both professional and social activities and seeks to supplement the educational experience of undergraduates in information systems programs. Any student interested in MIS may join.

Advisor: David Hale 205-348-6085

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Culverhouse Chapter

INFORMS serves the scientific and professional needs of Analytics Professionals and Operations Researchers, including educators, scientists, students, managers, analysts, and consultants. In addition, the Institute serves as a focal point for analytics and O.R. professionals, permitting them to communicate with each other and reach out to other professional societies, as well as the varied clientele of the profession’s research and practice.

Advisor: Burcu Keskin 205-348-8442

UA Capital Management

UA Capital Management is a group of undergraduate students who act as buy-side analysts covering mid to large-cap US equities with a value-oriented philosophy. As an analyst, each member has the responsibility to both source and research investment opportunities and then pitch their ideas to both the other analysts and the management team of the group. Through this process, members are able to both develop a personal investment philosophy and learn the tenets of a value-oriented approach to evaluating stocks.

Financial Management Association Honor Society

This organization is an affiliate of the Financial Management Association. It encourages and rewards scholarship and accomplishment among undergraduate and graduate students of Business, Finance, or Banking.

Advisor: Victoria Javine 205-348-8959

Capstone Minority Information Systems Society (CMISS)

CMISS is a student organization built upon the goal of increasing diversity in information systems and increasing the overall academic and social well-being of all our members through our mentoring programs. Diversity brings different people together with different ideas and increases the capacity for knowledge. As we grow and move forward, we will need to continue to realize this as a key area of opportunity and work hard to make this a reality.

Advisor: Joanne Hale 205-348-5525

The University of Alabama Sales Program

The University of Alabama Sales Program is a group of students selected to represent the sales program’s corporate efforts. Ambassadors plan and promote events, host corporate recruiters, and build professional relationships with top executives.

Advisor: Joe Calamusa 205-348-8923

Culverhouse Investment Management Group (CIMG)

The CIMG is a team of undergraduate students who manage an equity investment portfolio. By giving members real portfolio management experience, the group’s members act as buy-side analysts who identify undervalued assets and estimate their true value.

Women in Information Technology (WIT)

WIT is a student organization focused on professional development, outreach, community service, team building, and supporting women in IT-related fields. While this organization is focused on women, anyone is welcome to join.

Society of Operations Management Students (SOMS)

This organization promotes interest in the field of operations management. The student chapter engages in both professional and social activities to supplement the educational experiences of undergraduates in operations management programs. Planned activities each year include trips to local and regional operations facilities and presentations from career counselors and representatives from the industry. Any student interested in operations management may join.

Advisor: Bill Petty/Heather Davis 205-348-6085

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is the national professional commerce fraternity. The objectives of the fraternity are to encourage scholarship, professional spirit, good fellowship, and high ethical standards among its members and to advance the interests of the Culverhouse College of Commerce and The University of Alabama. Criteria for membership are a 2.5 GPA and demonstrated leadership.

Advisor: Jessica Crew  205-348-5809

Healthcare Management Society (HCMS)

HCMS promotes the interaction of Healthcare Management students and practitioners throughout the Southeast. Any student in healthcare may join.

Advisor: Eric Williams 205-348-6183

Culverhouse Real Estate Club

The Culverhouse Real Estate Club (CREC) is sponsored by the Alabama Center for Real Estate. The student organization is open to all undergraduates, graduates, and alumni with interest in real estate. Our goal is to promote professional excellence through the communication between the academic and business communities, to assist students in the transition into careers, and to develop future leaders in the real estate industry.

Advisor: Dr. Alan Tidwell 205-348-0788

Student Club President: Brooke Loescher  985-285-2709

Culverhouse Out For Business

Culverhouse Out for Business is an organization that aims to build an LGBTQ+ network in Culverhouse and connect students to diversity-related initiatives and supportive employers. This group is open to allies and students of all majors across the university.

Advisor: Keely Latopolski 205-348-1719

Professional Women in Communication and Business

PWCB is an organization devoted to developing successful female leaders on campus and in the workplace. PWCB encourages networking, helps to better professional etiquette, and promotes women empowerment! They meet every other Monday to help each other be the best they can be.

Advisor: Keely Latopolski 205-348-1719

Honorary Fraternities

Alpha Mu Alpha

The American Marketing Association established Alpha Mu Alpha as an honorary student society. The major objective is to recognize the scholarship of undergraduate and graduate Marketing students. Students eligible for membership include 1.) the top 10 percent of all undergraduate senior Marketing students who are graduating within the academic school year; 2.) the top 20 percent of all master’s students concentrating in Marketing; and 3.) all doctoral students majoring in Marketing who have completed their course work and passed their comprehensive examinations.

Alpha Sigma Gamma

The Alabama Center for Real Estate sponsors the Alpha Sigma Gamma International Real Estate Honor Society, the only international organization for the recognition of real estate student excellence in the world. To be inducted into the real estate society, one must have completed at least six hours of real estate classes, have a 3.5 GPA overall and a 3.7 GPA in all completed real estate courses. Most students are inducted in the last semester of their senior year.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is the national honorary accounting fraternity. The purposes of the fraternity are to promote the study of accountancy and to introduce students to the accounting profession. Accounting majors who meet the high scholastic requirements of Beta Alpha Psi and who have completed six hours of Accounting (AC 310 or above) courses at The University of Alabama are eligible for membership.

Advisor: Jill Datema, 205-348-2909

Beta Gamma Sigma

This chapter is an international honorary fraternity for students in collegiate schools of business and commerce. Membership in The University of Alabama chapter is offered based upon scholarship, leadership, and character. While juniors in the top 7 percent of their class are invited to join, the majority of undergraduate members are chosen from the top 10 percent of the senior class. At the graduate level, only the top 20 percent of candidates for the master’s degree may be considered for membership. Candidates for the Ph.D. degree who have completed all requirements for that degree may be elected without restriction as to number.

Advisors: Joe Calamusa 205-348-2826; Dr. Dave Heggem 205-348-4537

Mu Kappa Tau

Mu Kappa Tau is the national honorary society in the field of marketing. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students in Marketing who have met the following academic standards: juniors in the top 10 percent of their class; seniors in the top 20 percent of their class and an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher; and graduate students with an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Gamma Iota Sigma

Gamma Iota Sigma is a national insurance fraternity that serves as the honorary insurance organization at The University of Alabama. Admission is open to Insurance students with a 3.0 or higher GPA and other students who have an overall GPA of at least 3.5 and an interest in insurance as an academic discipline or career. Programs involve presentations on the scientific aspects of insurance by distinguished professionals in this field.

Advisor: William Rabel 205-348-7842

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)

ODE is an international honor society in the field of economics. The objectives are to confer distinction for high scholastic achievement in Economics, to stimulate and promote student interest in all aspects of economics, and to publish an official journal, The American Economist. Membership in the Beta Chapter at The University of Alabama is open to students who meet the national standards of scholarship. Undergraduate members are selected from the top 35 percent of the class, and must maintain a 2.75 GPA or higher overall and better than a 2.75 average for all work in Economics. Graduate members are similarly elected from the top 35 percent of those majoring in Economics and maintaining better than a B average.

Mu Sigma Rho

Mu Sigma Rho is a national honorary fraternity for statistics whose purpose is to bring together students and faculty members interested in the application of statistical methods in the social and physical sciences. Undergraduate students having a B or better average for 12 or more semester hours in statistics and a 2.75 or higher overall average GPA are eligible for membership. Graduate students are also eligible for membership.