Advising Information & Scheduling

Drop-In assistance is provided each day for unexpected situations, quick questions, permit requests, checking on deadlines, and referrals to campus departments and resources. Advisors do not clear students for registration, create long-term academic plans, or complete ROTC forms during drop-in hours.

NOTE: The advisors available for drop-in change from day-to-day. Depending on the day of the week, you may be in contact with different advisors.

Main Campus Students:

Students with a business major or minor can schedule an appointment below. If you do not see your preferred advisor listed, call 205-348-4537 or visit 10 Bidgood Hall to schedule an appointment.

Students must schedule an advising appointment every semester to be cleared to register for the upcoming terms(s). During the 30-minute session, students and advisors will discuss aspirations, academic plans, resources for support, and establish a timeline for completing a degree.

Distance Learning Students (Online):

Instructions for advising are sent to your crimson email account each semester. Please check your email regularly for updates.

For Main Campus Students only:

Still need to meet with an Academic Advisor to be cleared for Spring registration? Stop by today! 
With standby advising, you are waiting for someone to not attend or cancel their appointment. We will only be able to see a limited number of students each day. Please remember: Standby is not guaranteed. If everyone shows up to their scheduled appointments, then Standby students will not be seen.
Check in at the front desk in 10 Bidgood Hall for more information!