Incoming Freshmen Course Map

2 Year Course Map by MATH Qualification

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MATH 121

MATH 112


MATH 100


*GEN ED stands for a General Education course. There are a total of 9 General Education courses required in addition to EN 101 (Freshman Composition), EN 102 (Freshman Composition, EC 110 (Social Behavioral Science), EC 111 (Social Behavioral Science), MATH 121/125 (Mathematics) and ST 260 (Computer). These include a fine art, one history, one literature, one humanity, two natural sciences, a second history or literature, a social behavioral science or second humanity, and a second computer language course.

**The five functional field courses include GBA 300, MGT 300, MKT 300, OM 300, and FI 302. Each of these courses has its own set of prerequisites. Please contact an academic advisor for more information.