Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I am transferring The University of Alabama.  When may I register for classes?
A: You will register for classes at your Bama Bound Session.

Q: What is Bama Bound?
A: Bama Bound is an orientation where you will meet advisors and register for classes. For more information and a checklist, please visit the orientation website.

Q: Will all my credits transfer?
A: As long as they aren’t remedial or technical, all will transfer, HOWEVER, all may not apply. College must be regionally accredited.

Q: How do I transfer my credits?
A: You must contact all collegiate institutions you have attended and request that your transcripts be sent to:

The University of Alabama
Office of the Registrar
Box 870134
Tuscaloosa, AL  35487

Q: How many transfer credits may I apply to my degree?
A: From regionally accredited two year institutions, up to 60 credit hours may transfer and apply. From regionally accredited four year institutions, up to 90 hours may transfer and apply.

Q: Do my grades transfer?
A: Yes, unless the grades were not calculated into the GPA from the transferring institution.

Q: Will these grades affect my GPA?
A: Yes and no.  They will affect your transfer and cumulative GPA, but not your UA GPA. Only coursework completed at UA will affect your UA GPA.

Q: If I retake a course, does it replace the previous grade?
A: No, all attempts are calculated into the GPA, HOWEVER, the last attempt is the grade that will apply to your degree.

Q: What is core curriculum?
A: These are courses with particular designations pertaining to how they apply to your degree. To view the core curriculum and the core designation each carries, please visit the core cirriculum website.

Q: What is the procedure for taking courses at a different institution?
A: First, you must meet with an academic advisor in Student Services, 10 Bidgood Hall, to determine if and how the courses may be used toward a specific degree program. You should apply to the transferring institution as a transient student and be accepted.  You will be required to provide a letter of transiency and\or an official transcript from The University of Alabama. Upon completion of the course, you should request an official transcript be sent to the University of Alabama Registrar’s Office*:

The University of Alabama
The Office of the Registrar
Box 870134
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

*All transcripts must be sent to The University of Alabama, no matter the grade.

Q: Who is my advisor?
A: Culverhouse doesn’t assign advisors, with the exception of OM/MIS. If you began your career as a freshman, it will usually be your GBA 145 instructor. If not, you may schedule an appointment with any advisor. If you are an Operations Management or Management Information Systems major, your advisor will be Heather Davis in 300 Alston.

Q: How do I schedule an advising appointment?

a. Stopping by 10 Bidgood

b. Calling 205-348-4537

c. Visiting the advising website:

Q: May I attend another college and The University of Alabama during the same semester?
A: Yes, if prior approval has been granted by a Culverhouse College of Business academic advisor.